Waterproof and Life Proof Devices Becoming the Norm?

I have observed over the past few years that devices are becoming much more sensible in terms of being rugged, protected from your daily encounters and lighter and easier to carry and wear.

At CES I saw and reported on a few accessories that make your phone less prone to water damage and even turning your smartphone into an underwater camera.

One that really caught my eye at MWC is a cas called "nüüd" from LIFEPROOF that is unique both in terms of the phone case itself and the fact that once on your iPhone, the iPhone touchscreen is exposed to the water so you can use it as normal. It's also stated to be good to 2m underwater. The case is about the size of a minimal protective case you would buy just to protect from drop tests, but is fully waterproof. The fingerprint sensitive home button is even functional and they supply a waterproof audio jack that when installed let's you plug in your (waterproof?) headset. Since LIFEPROOF is a division of OtterBox, they should know what they are doing! I have one to try and a place to try it over Easter and although I can see all the seals that keep the water out of all the orifices, will I give it a try? Well, they give you a plastic iPhone mock up to try it out on to build confidence. They have thought it through!

By the way, they have them for iPads as well and soon one for Galaxy S5


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