Waverly Labs Ambassador Interpreter - Wearable Multilingual Conversation Aid

I have seen a number of stand alone, smartphone app and accessories over the past few years appearing on the scene. None of them have seemed to make it to critical mass in the consumer space. I'm not sure what the best form factor is, but if in fact the quality of the translation is not right on the money, that will be the stumbling block. This area was often inaccurate, at times humerous and sometimes created misunderstandings. Since this has improved greatly in the last year, the products now have a chance. I came upon this product as I was Judging entries for the Last Gadget Standing Event at CES 2020. The judges selected the Ambassador Interpreter as a finallist. It appears that it is a high quality translation tool for professionals and consumer travelers of all backgrounds. From training to travel, groups to solo, the wearable Ambassador allows you to have smooth conversations free from the constraints of language barriers. A frequent traveller's dream. Its wearable over-the-ear design makes it versatile for natural and professional-grade live translations.

Three main application areas are:
To Listen - As an interpreter, Ambassador actively listens for someone speaking near you and translates their speech into your native language. To Lecture - Ideal for groups and conferences, set your Ambassador to translate everything you say and stream it through your smartphone’s loudspeaker or a paired audio system for your audience. To Discuss and converse - Share one of the Ambassador units with the other person so you can both understand and communicate in your native languages real time.


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