Capstone's Google-Enabled Smart Mirror for Today’s Connected Lifestyle

I am always on the lookout for things that already have an accepted place on your person (e.g. wrist, ears, shoes, glasses) or in your home (e.g. bathroom scale, kitchen counters, doorbell, etc) and also possibly in your car, workspace, etc. Especially if they look about the same, but take on additional functionality by having sensors, being connected, and applying additional software (e.g. AI and ML).  This falls into the "Personal Real Estate" category of mine, and so it caught my eye. It's a Google-enabled Smart Mirror with many features (too many?) that have potential to enhance your daily routine. Also makes it easy to get ready and stay connected with friends and family. Typically for the bathroom, can also be put in hallways, entryways or bedrooms simply by hanging it up like a traditional mirror or put it on a vanity or tabletop surface. In my opinion the bathroom is a good place (no camera please!) as it is typical to linger there - good time to catch up on news, weather, traffic, etc.

Capstone's Google-Enabled Smart Mirror blends traditional functionality with smart capabilities and if done right, potentially bridges the gap between technology and everyday life. Basically it in addition to being a mirror, it functions just like a tablet with both touchscreen and voice interfaces, internet access and Android’s operating system that allows users to download apps and use Google Voice Assistant for a variety of hands-free tasks. Users can ask Google to turn on the lights and start the coffee maker or ask to hear the morning news briefing, all while brushing their teeth. 
With the ability to navigate between multiple Google accounts, the Smart Mirror has face and voice recognition so each family member can modify the Smart Mirror to fit their own personal needs. 
This may also be a good place for a morning briefing on wellness and health, but I do have some concerns about consumer privacy in this location, so please Capstone, pay lots of attention to that aspect. I will be watching this space!


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