Yet another amazing addition to iPhone in the form of a thin case that extends the capability of the device we used to call a cellular telephone! This iPhone case with a few extra sensors and image capture devices on board from FLIR Systems is a self contained, pocketable thermal imaging instrument with various analysis, storage and connectivity options on board. Although seemingly a serious bit of instrumentation, I can see this could be a real tool and potential money saver in the hands of a homeowning consumer. Somewhat affordable at $350. But a bargain for any profession needing this capability. A very interesting and potentially valuable APPcessory to iPhone.  
I have been yearning for a few years now to have my cake and eat it too. Basically, I am an info junky and  have so much reading stacked up that pleasure and educational reading is my desire and certainly a relaxing part of my infotaiment when on holiday. Problem is, I also like to do this on the beach. My iPad is the collector of all content, stacked, prioritised and ready to read. So I have said for a few years now that tablet makers (in my case Apple) should put E Ink (à la Kindle, etc.) on the back of their tablets. There's nothing else there, it's reasonably proven, cheap, doesn't use much battery - seemingly a no-brainer. Finally a few innovative companies have caught on, but initially on smart phones. Firstly, Yotaphone. I will let others expound on the innovation and interesting new features of the Yotaphone, but I will point out that this is the first Smartphone (Android) to have displays on both sides. This is well designed and integrated implementation of E ink on a smartphone. But this means dumping your favourite phone for another just to get this innovation. Another company, Oaxis, has an…


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