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Couch potatoes are a dying breed. People are just not sitting in one place long enough to view content these days. At the Innovation City exhibition at Mobile World Congress this year there certainly were a lot of Swivel Chairs and there was a queue to sit in them. Mostly to view 3D360º content of all types. Everything from games, roller coaster rides to real live video content shot in 3D360º. An unbelievable Interactive Entertainment experience! The technology is now with us and very cheap if you add your own Smartphone as the screen. Unlike couch potatoes and movie goers, they were not all looking in the same direction! Up, down and all around. The swivel chair is a must as without it, a sore neck results! So my new term for viewers of virtual and real 3D360º content is "Swivel Chair Potatoes". Pay attention Broadcast, TV and movie industry players! This is a new kind of compelling content for you to monetise. Think news, sports, travel, documentaries, reality shows and lots more...


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