Whirlpool Smart Home Appliances - you say it, they do it!

More can be less! We have evolved from once functional but basic kitchen appliances to more complex ones (many more features, same knobs, thick manuals!) so unfortunately, we tend to stick to the basics and leave the manuals in the drawer. Fact is though that it is usually possible in one sentance or less to describe what we want our kitchen or utility room appliances to do.

My stated Mantra: "The role of complex technology is to create simplicity." There is now more evidence that technology is coming to the rescue in this area too to making it possible to easily take advantage of all the new appliance features at our disposal.

So one thing that caught my eye and interest at CES2018 was Whirlpool's Smart Home appliances that now have Smartphone and voice command control to break through the usability barrier. A very informed discussion with Whirlpool's corporate brand Manager, Poncho Eddie filled me in on the transformation that Whirlpool has made in this regard.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home (and Apple Siri coming soon).

In the utility room for example Voice Control lets consumers simply ask to pause and to start the washer and dryer; tell the dryer to run certain cycles such as the Wrinkle Shield™ option; ask if the washer or dryer is running and for the time remaining on a wash or dry cycle - all with simple voice commands.
The Smart All-In-One Washer and Dryer can be controlled by voice command or from a mobile device through Whirlpool's mobile app, plus receive notifications by phone or Apple Watch once a load of laundry is complete, so you can get on with other things.

Many new features, now useable by human beings! Artificial Intelligence and machine learning at work.


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