Smartphone + MOTIV MV88 = Full Blown Audio and Video Rig

The Shure MV88+ Video Kit caught my eye because it provides content creators with an all-in-one solution to transform their smartphone devices into a personal audio and video rig – designed for capturing professional-quality recordings whenever, wherever. The digital stereo condenser microphone is the latest addition to the Shure MOTIV™ line and includes a headphone jack for real-time monitoring as well as lightning. Along with the MV88+ microphone, the kit includes a tripod phone stand and smartphone clamp, ensuring a stable picture when recording video on-the-go. The additional accessories give users the utmost flexibility to capture mounted, handheld or field recording. Compatible with iOS and other selected devices, the MV88+ allows users to capture high-quality audio, and livestream anywhere they desire. The ShureMOTIV Video & Audio and Recording applications work directly with the MV88+ to deliver superior audio quality.

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