Garden Tools – Sensors + AI + AR = Green Cyber-Thumbs

Between these three you can figure out what to plant, when and where to plant it and how to keep it watered and healthy. Varying amounts of expertise has been applied in each case plus some sensor tech, AI, AR and companion smartphone apps. Lots of Garden Tech that caught my eye in this category, but here’s three that deal with getting the most from your garden.
   Connected Garden uses a device you stick in the ground and leave for 24 hours and through the connected app, it then tells you what will grow best. Clever sensors, a bit of GPS, AI and even an AR aspect that can show you what the plants will look like in your garden space.   

   Orbit b-hyve then takes over and does some “smart watering” for you - Keeps the soil just right for the plants you have.   

   SeedSheet tailors your plantings to your palette. providing selections of plants that when ready and ripe are all you need to prepare your favourite recipes.   

   I expect to see more and more innovations in this area next year, so will be looking out for it.   Select "Read More" for the weblinks



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