PowerDolphin – the Latest in Intelligent, Connected, Water Drones.

Whether you are a fisherman, Surfer or doing just about anything else in or on the water, PowerDolphin by PowerVision is the latest in Intelligent and connected water Drones. Also good for sea exploration and rescue. Uses are too numerous to mention, but this water drone has the following technology and features on board for lots of uses on or in the water. 

  • 220° Dual Rotating 4K Camera, 1080p Video Streaming
  • 800m Range, 2 Hours Cruising Time, 4.5m/s Max. Speed 
  • AI based Multiple Tasking, Waypoint Mapping & Return Home
  • Attach and release rescue buoy or trolling fishing line
  • GPS & Sonar
  • Small and powerful <24” long

My friend and fishing legend in the UK, Spencer Ramsey (better known as "KatchBullet") is being lined up for a trial, so I may be able to run a review on this in the near future.

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