Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit – Make Magic Happen, Learn Coding

This one is serious in two ways – fun, fun, fun plus learning how to code without getting caught!  The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit teaches the fundamentals of coding and introduces the basic concepts of real-world programming, guided by simple steps.Then use Kano app to run your code to start unlocking challenges across six iconic Wizarding World settings including Hogwarts and DiagonAlley.    It’s a Harry Potter STEM product! The build-it-yourself wireless wand shows magicians of all ages how to code and create, as they flick and swish through 70+ challenges inspired by the Wizarding World. Following the step-by-step coding manual, you build a wand and learn about sensors, data and code along the way. It combines a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to detect its own location and speed in tridimensional space, making it capable of tracking hand movements. Must be seen to be believed!


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