HYPNOVR - Medical Hypnosis through Virtual Reality Mitigates Pain?

Why medical hypnosis?
HYPNOVR claims it has s a software and reduced or drug free solution to anesthesiology. It uses virtual reality (VR) technology to perform anesthesia under hypnosis in order to decrease patients’ stress and anxiety during painful medical procedures. Over the last two years, HYPNOVR has established the technical feasabilty of medical hypnosis through virtual reality and it's benefits to patients, health professionals and institutions. They claim that up to a half of anesthesia procedures could benefit from hypnosedation via VR and they claim there are numerous fields of applications for HYPNOVR’s solutions. Patients who have been anaesthesized during a medical procedure suffered side effects (nausea, sore throat, vomiting) or sometimes serious medical complications (allergies, cardio-respiratory risks). Medical hypnosis offers an efficient and reliable drug-free alternative, as proven by over 300 scientific studies.  Interesting and potentially very beneficial, but appears to me to still in the formative stages. Worth watching.

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