ReSound LINX 3D - Smart Hearing plus Smart Sensing - A "Hearables" Wellness Platform?

ReSound has upped it's "Smart Hearing" capability with a further link back to your audiologist. GN Hearing’s ReSound LiNX 3D brings telehealth to audiology as the world’s first hearing aid with comprehensive remote fine-tuning capabilities. Had a great briefing on this at CES from ReSound’s Vice President Global Medical Affairs Dave Fabry.  But they are not stopping there.  ReSound LiNX 3D’s advanced Made for iPhone capability also enables users to easily and discreetly personalize settings through an app and stream audio such as phone calls, music, and turn-by-turn directions from their smartphone or Apple Watch to their hearing aids.
But most interesting were the discussions about where ReSound is going in this area in terms of taking advantage of the platform to go many steps further to increase the awareness of the users to what is going on around them. And even to start using the ear as a very effective place to monitor various aspects of wellness.  The key is that a hearing aid wearer has them in 100% of the waking hours so all these potential features could make that person actually much more aware and alert than a person with a phone in their pocket or sometimes wearing music earbuds.  In addition to streaming music, sounds, notifications from your phone to keep you in the picture, the Linx 3D can also be where you answer and speak on the phone or have a FaceTime or Video call. The idea that some wellness info like calories burned, heartrate, etc. can also be sensed could potentially take ReSound fully into the wellness awareness, "hearables" category.  

Resound sister company Jabra who makes all types of wireless and wired ear buds is also going down the path of including fitness and wellness sensing into their products. Their Jabra Elite Sport product includes wellness monitoring, heartrate, etc. in addition to high quality sound and music. Quite a promising combination where each company benefits from the knowledge, technology and developments of the other in this emerging "hearables' area.

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A very interesting possibility and two very interesting companies pursuing this "hearables" strategy together towards context awareness 100% of the time. I will be continuing to monitor and will be trying out these products as they emerge. Will post an update in the near future.


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