Phyn Smart Water Assistant - Leak Detection + helps with Water Savings

Another Last Gadget Standing award winning finalist!

I'm always looking for the value of consumer technology! This one caught my eye because I have a need for this in my home!  The Phyn Smart Water Assistant Uses AI to make leak detection and water savings simple. Coupled to a Smartphone App clearly shows how much water each and every fixture in a home uses, enabling tracking of water consumption, identify areas of excess use, and take action to conserve and save money. Can be installed with no plumber required, the DIY device is easily installed under a sink and provides water monitoring for the entire home, alerting homeowners within seconds of a leak being detected.
The key is AI  and ML software coupled to pressure sensing technology and the intelligent analysis and reporting (via smartphone)
You can track and view your water use daily and monthly to get ahead of your water costs. Using pressure sensing technology Phyn learns your system and communicates your water usage down to each fixture, and even sees leaks and ice crystals forming in your pipes well before they even have a chance to freeze over and burst, giving you time to time to take action and avoid damage.
With shut off valve accessory Phyn can automatically close off the water supply when problems are detected and alert homeowner within seconds of a leak being detected.


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