Pleased to see a very large and action packed Humaneyes booth at CES very much dedicated to AR/VR/3D360º capture and distribution. As with other application sectors, with their prosumer priced camera commercially available, it is now all about relevant content, applications and widespread access to content.  
Was very happy to see the latest Humaneyes VUZE 3D360º camera on show, of course as I covered it in a CES2016 WCME Entry when they also were finalists and then won the Last Gadget Standing award that year.

But this year Humaneyes made some big announcements - firstly, an Underwater housing and software needed for their 3D360º camera. This is a mean feat given the difficulties getting full sphere and 3D stitching working underwater.

They also announced the selection by the National Geographic Channel of the VUZE camera to capture 3D360º footage inside the International Space Station. European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli will use a Vuze VR camera to document life on the ISS for a VR companion to National Geographic's upcoming series "One Strange Rock."

In addition, Humaneyes are also developing a hosting facility (“Humaneyes Zone”) for 3D360º content so VUZE user's content and projects can be stored and made available to others. The Humaneyes Zone is an open platform, which takes VR storytelling to the next level, providing an end-to-end solution for prosumers. The site enables anyone, without a need for a technical or programming knowledge, to quickly and easily create a VR website to showcase their VR content and to tell a story in 3D360º, whether it’s a tour of an apartment, a training session, a wedding or just showcasing a vacation.

So three biggies for Humaneyes this year - capturing 3D360º content underwater and outer space and hosting of 3D360º projects!

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I"m hot on what I call “Time Shifted Reality”, but this device claims "Real Time" Reality in 3D360º splendour for those who can't be in the right place at the right time.  So anyone who wants to expand their audience for immersive experiences beyond a physical location can simply do it with the push of a button. Hubblo VR leads a new era of personal broadcasting with an all-in-one, hardware-driven social VR platform that live-streams 3D360º videos of programming, "happenings" and even selfies.

Simple setup makes hosting a live stream easy as can be, all you need is a WiFi high-speed Internet access.  

More than just a camera, Hubblo offers a whole personal broadcasting service. 

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Look out world, here comes consumer generated 3D360º content!

An amazing innovation in software and hardware from HumanEyes Technologies that will enable ordinary consumers as well as professional photographers and movie makers to create VR pictures or videos using the hand-held point-and-shoot VUZE camera. Stylish "flying saucer" design and small highly portable and lightweight camera on a versatile ‘selfie stick” or tripod. Removable SD card can capture up to one hour of video allowing people to capture every part of the world around them in breathtaking detail.

VUZE 3D360º camera is controlled by a dedicated iOS and Android app. Inside are 8 Full HD cameras that simultaneously capture images, videos and sound to facilitate full stereophonic and 3D360º spherical content. Each camera uses ultra-wide and vertical angle lenses to capture 1200 horizontal and 1800 vertical images and together generate 4K VR content. VUZE can capture both 2D and 3D360º spherical images and videos and can effortlessly switch between the two. 

And they won the "Last Gadget Standing" competition as well, so I am not alone in counting this as a breakthrough that Caught My Eye!


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