POW Audio’s Una™ is quite unique. Patented WaveBloom™ technology - it's expandable to produce a large sound chamber for Bass response. It's Water resistant, so when expanded it becomes a floatable speaker for the pool!  WaveBloom allows POW Audio speakers to contract for unique ultra-portability and expand to produce demonstrably robust bass resonance, huge volume and premium overall sound quality.

Roughly the size of a small dinner plate when collapsed, Una expands to rival many bigger, bulkier speakers—and its innovative design doesn’t end with its full, crystalline sound. Una is splash-proof and comes equipped with a detachable Lily Float that provides buoyancy stabilization on water. Una features Bluetooth connectivity, 14 hours of playtime and can be synced with another Una or Una X for true L/R stereo immersion.

Clever design. Well done POW Audio!

Two that have Caught My Eye (so far) in terms of portability coupled with innovations that produce quality sound and party level volume when you want it. Libratone “TOO” and POW Audio “MO”
Don’t let their size fool you, both can fill a room with big, reasonably rich, authentic sound. Both not exactly cheap, but affordable. My experience with both of these confirmed their claims. 

 In their words:

 Libratone “TOO” is a wireless speaker made for adventure. You can take it with you wherever you go, indoors or out, and never compromise on sound quality with its 360 FullRoom® technology. The TOO comes ready for action, with 12+ hours of battery time, splash proof design and slim, yet sturdy, frame, meaning it can keep going long after the party stops.

 POW Audio “MO” is reimagining speaker construction with the ultra compact Mo, the first expression in a family of expandable, portable Bluetooth speakers. Using POW Audio’s patented WaveBloom™ technology, which expands to create a voluminous wave chamber, Mo brings listeners enhanced bass, loudness, and improved overall sound quality within a super portable, affordable package. When not in use, Mo folds down flat and listeners can pop up Mo and expand its WaveBloom™ chamber to allow for stunning sound quality, deep bass, and huge volume. 

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