FITT360 - Wear it Anywhere and "Selflessly" Catch "Your Scene"

FITT360, one of the two "First Person Shooter" 360º cameras I saw at CES. Both claim to be the first and only!  Very interesting and encouraging to see this new category of 360º photography emerge at this time. This whole sector will depend on content, storytelling and distribution posibilities, but devices and apps like this really turn things on.  A very wearable design, around the neck so handsfree water/heatproof, with three cameras on board and fixing/steadying/stitching in the Smartphone App. For taking "selfless" situational selfies (without you in them).  Great idea and I am excited, but a Crowdfunded/preorder product, not yet fully baked so I will let them make the claims! (I have added a few points in brackets)   


Connected to the Cloud, the FITT360 automatically saves all of your footage with a single tap on the mobile application.
With shareable VR-Ready contents, your loved ones at home can enjoy your point of view in real time.
Smart Camera – Connected System – VR Ready
Full HD 360° Recording – Up to 90 Minutes
3 Full HD Cameras surrounding the (neck worn) FITT360 captures surroundings of each user in the True First Person View (FPV) with up to 90 minutes of recording time.
Companion mobile application “FITT360” compensates and normalize the exposures in all 3 clips and Auto-Stitch them while minimizing the shaking of the clips to be VR-Ready.
Embedded Image Stabilization on the software sides minimizes the shakings of the device to optimize your video quality.  

Technology is coming from LINKFLOW who has been producing wearable security cameras for First responders and military.   

I will be watching this space. Real ones later this year or at least  by CES2019 please!


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