Bebop Sensor's - Forte Data VR Glove Lets You “Touch” & “Feel”

I have been following BeBop Sensors “smart fabric” technology for a few years now and hoped that this particular sector of their development efforts would be the one that in the end would catch my eye as an important touch and haptics element of AR and VR applications. They appear to have been working non-stop on their enterprise-friendly haptic technology! Simulating the sensation of touch while in a virtual space is not a simple task, therefore many of the other available solutions are rather cumbersome. Their haptics producing wearable allow users to “feel” virtual objects while immersed in a VR experience and is simply a glove (less than a glove, actually :-)  

The important additiion to the functionality is that the latest iteration of its one-size-fits-all Forte Data Glove can now be combined with the Oculus Quest controllers, integrating BeBop’s hand tracking technology with the Quest’s 3D tracking for real life VR experiences. Together, these two tech systems, along with BeBop Sensors SDK, enable users to experience force, location, size, weight, bending, twisting, and various other senses of touch. BeBop Sensors software can now actually be integrated into the Oculus controllers’ 3D tracking functionality, so available to third party developers can now include haptics in their VR content and applications experiences. The Forte Data Glove has an adapter that quickly straps the small Oculus 3D controller onto the gloves so users can “feel” with their hands what they are exploring in their 3D Virtual experiences.
Forte Data Gloves are already in use by Fortune 500 Customers for Training, Medical Trials & Rehabilitation, Robot & Drone Controls, VR CAD Design & Review, and more, but I will now be most keenly watching the AR and VR applications and content sectors for killer apps for adding this element of our five senses to their experiences. (Smell is next BTW)


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