CyclePath: Another Last Gadget Standing entry that caught my eye.  An all New Exercise Platform with connected App and Gaming Features.  This Hybrid technology that has both health benefits and game playing thrills and engagement, will make a new and fresh category in the home game console and exercise categories, crossing over into a new path showing children (and adults) how to combine both benefits. Promotes blood circulation through light to medium exercise. Help children become physically more active!   Somewhat portable, so can be used at home, work, backseat of car, etc. CyclePath uses Bluetooth technology to link your smartphone to the bike pedeling unit. The information and statistics are then synced to the included fitness band. It requires no outside power, emits no gases or radiation and has no age limit. Since you generate energy while pedaling, you can also charge your phone or any other device through an on-board USB port connection.  Creates a healthier environment and homelife. Gives parents better tools to get kids to play on their smartphones while doing exercise at the same time, wherever they may be. Intuitive and infectious, easy as riding a bike and watching where you are going on your phone or tablet…
Drones have been a big feature at CES for the past few years. With whole sections indoors and out showing the latest, large and small.  What Caught My Eye this year was the sophistication that has appeared in even the smallest of pocketable drones. I have had a few of these over the years, but they were very basic, difficult to fly and not that good photographically. Well that has started to change! Basically, when I thought it through, I realised that all the key components - radio, cameras, motors, materials, etc. have all gone in the right direction in terms of size, weight and cost and most of the heavy lifting in terms of control and computing has moved into the Smartphone. So the real key to amazing small drones with lots of valuable and well thought through, consumer oriented features has been software. Both developed for specific functionality and AI based capabilities such as image/object/face recognition, location and conditions sensing, etc. Well,  I am sure there were others, but here are three that especially stood out with a brief description and links for more info. PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera   A New Product…
I have seen a number of stand alone, smartphone app and accessories over the past few years appearing on the scene. None of them have seemed to make it to critical mass in the consumer space. I'm not sure what the best form factor is, but if in fact the quality of the translation is not right on the money, that will be the stumbling block. This area was often inaccurate, at times humerous and sometimes created misunderstandings. Since this has improved greatly in the last year, the products now have a chance. I came upon this product as I was Judging entries for the Last Gadget Standing Event at CES 2020. The judges selected the Ambassador Interpreter as a finallist. It appears that it is a high quality translation tool for professionals and consumer travelers of all backgrounds. From training to travel, groups to solo, the wearable Ambassador allows you to have smooth conversations free from the constraints of language barriers. A frequent traveller's dream. Its wearable over-the-ear design makes it versatile for natural and professional-grade live translations. Three main application areas are: To Listen - As an interpreter, Ambassador actively listens for someone speaking near you and translates their speech…
POW Audio’s Una™ is quite unique. Patented WaveBloom™ technology - it's expandable to produce a large sound chamber for Bass response. It's Water resistant, so when expanded it becomes a floatable speaker for the pool!  WaveBloom allows POW Audio speakers to contract for unique ultra-portability and expand to produce demonstrably robust bass resonance, huge volume and premium overall sound quality.Roughly the size of a small dinner plate when collapsed, Una expands to rival many bigger, bulkier speakers—and its innovative design doesn’t end with its full, crystalline sound. Una is splash-proof and comes equipped with a detachable Lily Float that provides buoyancy stabilization on water. Una features Bluetooth connectivity, 14 hours of playtime and can be synced with another Una or Una X for true L/R stereo immersion. Clever design. Well done POW Audio!


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