CyclePath - Innovative, Infectious, combines Gaming with Exercise

CyclePath: Another Last Gadget Standing entry that caught my eye.

 An all New Exercise Platform with connected App and Gaming Features.  This Hybrid technology that has both health benefits and game playing thrills and engagement, will make a new and fresh category in the home game console and exercise categories, crossing over into a new path showing children (and adults) how to combine both benefits. Promotes blood circulation through light to medium exercise. Help children become physically more active!  

Somewhat portable, so can be used at home, work, backseat of car, etc. CyclePath uses Bluetooth technology to link your smartphone to the bike pedeling unit. The information and statistics are then synced to the included fitness band. It requires no outside power, emits no gases or radiation and has no age limit. Since you generate energy while pedaling, you can also charge your phone or any other device through an on-board USB port connection.  Creates a healthier environment and homelife. Gives parents better tools to get kids to play on their smartphones while doing exercise at the same time, wherever they may be. Intuitive and infectious, easy as riding a bike and watching where you are going on your phone or tablet which also functions as a steering wheel. Games and moving exploration content becoming available (WCME Suggestion to CyclePath inventors: this is begging for coupling to a VR headset!)


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