Drones flying into Selfie Heaven! Complex Tech Producing Simplicity!

Drones have been a big feature at CES for the past few years. With whole sections indoors and out showing the latest, large and small.  What Caught My Eye this year was the sophistication that has appeared in even the smallest of pocketable drones. I have had a few of these over the years, but they were very basic, difficult to fly and not that good photographically. Well that has started to change! Basically, when I thought it through, I realised that all the key components - radio, cameras, motors, materials, etc. have all gone in the right direction in terms of size, weight and cost and most of the heavy lifting in terms of control and computing has moved into the Smartphone. So the real key to amazing small drones with lots of valuable and well thought through, consumer oriented features has been software. Both developed for specific functionality and AI based capabilities such as image/object/face recognition, location and conditions sensing, etc. Well,  I am sure there were others, but here are three that especially stood out with a brief description and links for more info.

PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera   A New Product that Combines Drone Technology, HD Camera Technology, and Artificial
Intelligence (AI) Technology for the Ultimate Drone Experience. A bit larger and pricey, but amazing features. See feature list here

AirSelfie's AirPix - Getting a big group into a selfie or even finding the right angle while holding the camera yourself, can be tricky. they have delivered an under $100, smaller than a smartphone, light as a golf ball, 12MP stills/1080P video, with autonomous flight, in-app editing and instant social network sharing! See feature list here

Planet Technology Timax Drone Watch - A bit of a gadget, and a rather large watch, but turn it loose, make the OK gesture in front of the tiny camera drone hanging in the air and it will automatically take a picture for you!   See feature list here


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