Nepox - Creating 3D Body Scans simply with a Smartphone

Nepox Virtual fitting room

The virtual fitting room is the virtual space where users can access their cloud stored 3D models. Catalogues of clothing and apparel are loaded from real 3D fashion brands millimetric data sets from 3D design compatible software such as Marvelous.

Rendering of real fashion items will help customers see exactly how clothing would fit them, brining traditional dressing rooms into the private and comfort of the consumer’s home. With advanced virtual reality physics rendering, and pretrained algorithms computing cloth simulation, a garment’s precise qualities will be transferred from cloud services into the virtual fitting roomOutfits and looks are also transferable as video or vector depending on the device capability, also making them shareable with social media accounts.Optional features will include virtual fitting room customisation, allowing it to be furnished and decorated by the customer to show them a model of themselves in a situation fitting a reality they wish to view.


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