Reading on the Beach for Tablet Users?

I have been yearning for a few years now to have my cake and eat it too. Basically, I am an info junky and  have so much reading stacked up that pleasure and educational reading is my desire and certainly a relaxing part of my infotaiment when on holiday. Problem is, I also like to do this on the beach. My iPad is the collector of all content, stacked, prioritised and ready to read. So I have said for a few years now that tablet makers (in my case Apple) should put E Ink (à la Kindle, etc.) on the back of their tablets. There's nothing else there, it's reasonably proven, cheap, doesn't use much battery - seemingly a no-brainer. Finally a few innovative companies have caught on, but initially on smart phones.

Firstly, Yotaphone. I will let others expound on the innovation and interesting new features of the Yotaphone, but I will point out that this is the first Smartphone (Android) to have displays on both sides. This is well designed and integrated implementation of E ink on a smartphone. But this means dumping your favourite phone for another just to get this innovation.

Another company, Oaxis, has an iPhone case scaresly bigger that most simple protective cases, that interacts with your mobile phone to bring E ink to the back side. It is called InkCase. It has it's own battery and works with their photo and eBook apps to transfer via Bluetooth, pictures and pages to be read at your leisure. The picture app is nice as it customises the back of your phone, or as I did in Barcelona, puts maps of the next destination that day. A good place for a boarding pass as well when trying to stay connected and get through the airport. The display is quite good and about as you would expect for E ink.But the screen size does leave a bit to be desired for book reading and the UI is a bit clunky, but "updates are on the way". Well my comment is, well done Oaxis for being innovative, you caught my eye and please make an E INK case for my iPad Mini!




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