Consumer Electronics Show

CES is a mind blowing collection of everything from ordinary everyday things to incredibly awesome objects, but also from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Although many others will report on what the industries are putting forward to entice consumers, my approach is more from the consumer's perspective and looking for things that are valuable and improve the user experience. Also obviously looking for technologies, products, services or ecosystems that let the consumer drive change a bit (or radically!) by just intuitively seeing the value and changing the way they do things a bit. I am especially interested in bringing to the surface anything that has the potential to produce technology enabled, consumer driven change.
At CES this year I was specifically researching the emerging areas of Personal Mobility - APPcessories, Wearable Technology, Smart (AR) Glasses, mHealth/Fitness, Augmented Reality, Personal Cloud, 3D printing and the consumer mobility end of Infotainment and Transmedia propositions. So my mission was simply to find innovative stuff and update myself on the art of the possible in these sectors and possibly discover some new emerging market sectors of interest. I also attended two Press only evening events, Showstoppers and Pepcom (Digital Experiences) on the 6th and 7th. There are always a lot of Innovative companies showing at these!


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