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The FIND by SenseGiz is a tag which can be used to prevent losing or misplacing objects like keys, bags, pets, phones etc. You can hook it or stick it to any item that you want to find immediately or do not want to lose. If you leave that item and start going away, your smartphone app will give off an alarm alerting you about the item left behind. The FIND comes with a phone protect mode as well, where the FIND in your bag or pocket starts beeping if you have misplaced your phone. Or you can use the app to FIND any item whenever you need it! The FIND app is supported on iOS and Android phones. So simple, yet so many uses.  Available soon for about $20. each.
Innovation, yes. And uncanily similar to some items I have seen in the first person shooter gaming world, but a bit frightening for my liking. Military snipers tool maybe, but a little uncomfortable about this being featured at CES! http://tracking-point.com/precision-rifle
The small (1" diameter) Ozobot 'robot' gaming pieces bridge the physical and virtual online world with robots that respond to what they see beneath them on the tablet screen or tabletop or both. Basically, they move themselves! An interesting new innovation that could bring tabletop social gaming back to life. Devices and Apps not available until later this year, but I will be looking forward to trying this one. The fun will come when lots of games and Apps appear. see video of basics here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xFjTXQ8uho  
Well, this caught my eye mostly because I saw it, examined it, and couldn't figure out what it was for until Nick Norton, the VP of Marketing explained and handed me a folio of info on the product and the whole topic of hair growth. Being slightly folically challenged myself, I took a closer look. Basically a helmet you put on, listen to music, possibly catch a few winks while your scalp gets showered with red light laser and LED sources which apparently stimulate hair growth.  Uses low-Level Light Therepy (LLLT), but takes 16 weeks to have significant effect. Not sure about this one, but it did Catch My Eye!


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