With one simple sensor, and the more notably, analysis and advice that goes with it in the App.   Golf, tennis, baseball and softball players can now receive professional help with their swings and strokes by adding this to their kitbag. Another example of grabbing and packaging existing technology and experts creating Apps and expert systems and offer up their expertise to be available to consumers anytime, anywhere.  
It was inevitable - connected marital aids. I can't really expand on this too much, but I think if I describe some of the functions, you will be able to take it from there. I must admit, the person at the booth certainly understood the use cases!  Stimulation in cadence to heart rate, music, various settings, etc. etc. etc.  Plus remote control stimulation. The world is your oyster! This is definitely a notable step up from the CuteCircuit Hug Shirt! OhMiBod!


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