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Roost have developed a smoke alarm reporting system in a 9 volt battery profile so it fits in and works in any smoke alarm. Another example of being able to use existing components and technology to bring the huge installed base into the IoT. Spoke to Roost's CMO David Henry at CES Unwired. Looks just like a 9 volt battery and has two smaller Lithium batteries inside so maintains the 5+ year power supply, but also has WiFi, a processor and software, an audio detector tuned into alarm sound and no matter where you are, notifies to your smartphone when alarm has sounded or if the battery needs replacing. RRP $35. Availability May this year. Innovative and I want a couple, but not sure about the price point versus 9V battery...
  IO Hawk - "Intelligent Personal Mobility Device" Saw these in Vegas being demoed and letting people try them.  Not easy to step onto and use, but people seem to get the balance after a while. Just slight pressure on your feet steers and propels. Eye catching lights on the back for safety, but looks cool when you whizz past! Top speed - 6mph. Weighs only about 20 pounds so fits in backpack when not in use or when batteries are dead (battery life not stated) A bit pricey though - $1800. At the end of the day groups of people who were demoing them were heading to the buses, talking to each other, etc.  A weird scene! Soon to become a common one?


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