KITSOUND VOICE - Smart, Voice command activated, great sound - all for £129.99 Last Gadget Standing finalistBlending the style of the past with the technology of the future, the Voice One’s component-like sophistication oozes rich sound with stunning clarity – making a statement anywhere you care to appreciate good music.Developed in collaboration with Amazon, combining the intelligence of Alexa with KitSound’s audio expertise, the Voice One features a stain-resistant Nano coated grill to protect against those little stains and splashes.With built-in multi-room technology, you can connect up to 8 Voice One speakers together wirelessly. Stream your favourite playlists or connect an external music source to one of the speakers and re-distribute the sound to other speakers via Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy your music in every room – regardless if it’s online or a vinyl.Immerse yourself in the deep, warm, hi-fi audio that’s been carefully hand-tuned to give you the smart speaker you’ve been waiting for.
This is what caught my eye about Krusell Phone Cases.   The percentage of consumers that like Tech that looks like Tech is becoming marginalised. Apple led the way to “function with fashion” (even sex appeal), so why would you put your IPhone into something that hides the beauty behind pure tech looking function? Want to shake the techie image of your current Smartphone? Put it in a leather Krusell Case! The Swedes are known for their unmistakably passion for great design and genuine craftsmanship, but never at the cost of function or smartness. The case I tried out was a lovey leather notepad looking Case that protects, props up and has a place for credit cards. Even has a secret pocket where I put emergency cash. Starting to wonder if I really need to carry a wallet anymore... Oh, by the way, I didn't realise it until I talked to Ulf Sandberg, the Krusell CEO, that you can talk on this phone with the cover closed! Fabulous! I was opening the front flap to talk on the phone and then it just awkwardly hangs there. Love this Krusell case!
My Mantra: "The role of complex technology is to create simplicity." Mission accomplished! The Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer from Apption Labs creates great results, but now that I have set one up and used it, it delivers great results as well. The slick device plus Smartphone application couldn’t have been easier to use. This small skewer-like device produces perfectly cooked meat every time, to your specification on BBQ, oven or grill.Dual sensors monitor internal meat temperature plus ambient temperature inside oven as well.Simple to setup and simple to use. Connect the thermometer to your phone via Bluetooth. Also works with AppleTV, Kindle Fire and Alexa skill.Enjoy drinks with your guests, your phone will alert you when your meat is ready!Smart app on iPhone and Android suggests timing for all types of meat and walks you through every step of the cooking process.   I have one, use it and couldn’t be more pleased with it. And my non-technical gourmet cooking wife loves it too!
Saw a really useful measuring device and Smartphone App which lets you spend less time thinking and more time creating your home improvements projects and in decorating your house. Met with Plott Founder and CEO David Xing at CES who demonstrated how the tool allows you to design “virtually” so you can change your design easily without marking up your walls. The Plott brings your design to life by guiding you to points like a GPS so you can then make the change or addition in the real world without any need for measurements or use of math. This reduces the time spent on DIY projects (and risk of error). Plott takes the real world into the virtual world using AR where you can edit and perfect your idea before bringing it back into the real world. Use Plott to import objects and arrange it the way you want it. Then shows you the hanging points for perfectly level and eye-pleasing finished projects.And you can then share your projects with the Plott community and also import and use projects from others or download from a product brand.


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