Meater - Fantastic APPcessory for the Kitchen!

My Mantra: "The role of complex technology is to create simplicity." Mission accomplished!

The Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer from Apption Labs creates great results, but now that I have set one up and used it, it delivers great results as well. The slick device plus Smartphone application couldn’t have been easier to use.

This small skewer-like device produces perfectly cooked meat every time, to your specification on BBQ, oven or grill.
Dual sensors monitor internal meat temperature plus ambient temperature inside oven as well.
Simple to setup and simple to use. Connect the thermometer to your phone via Bluetooth. Also works with AppleTV, Kindle Fire and Alexa skill.
Enjoy drinks with your guests, your phone will alert you when your meat is ready!
Smart app on iPhone and Android suggests timing for all types of meat and walks you through every step of the cooking process.


I have one, use it and couldn’t be more pleased with it. And my non-technical gourmet cooking wife loves it too!


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