Krusell Phone Cases - Fashion plus Function - A Winning Combo for Consumer Tech

This is what caught my eye about Krusell Phone Cases.


The percentage of consumers that like Tech that looks like Tech is becoming marginalised. Apple led the way to “function with fashion” (even sex appeal), so why would you put your IPhone into something that hides the beauty behind pure tech looking function? Want to shake the techie image of your current Smartphone? Put it in a leather Krusell Case!

The Swedes are known for their unmistakably passion for great design and genuine craftsmanship, but never at the cost of function or smartness. The case I tried out was a lovey leather notepad looking Case that protects, props up and has a place for credit cards. Even has a secret pocket where I put emergency cash. Starting to wonder if I really need to carry a wallet anymore...

Oh, by the way, I didn't realise it until I talked to Ulf Sandberg, the Krusell CEO, that you can talk on this phone with the cover closed! Fabulous! I was opening the front flap to talk on the phone and then it just awkwardly hangs there. Love this Krusell case!


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