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Spotted this on the UK Pavilion. WIREWAX’s  interactive video technology has tools to help you design, build and deliver interactive video and take it to a new level of engagement by including clickable hotspots that perform an action when your audience clicks on them. Take them to the "buy" page or gather up their "wishlist".  Storytelling tools allow you to immerse viewers and inspire them to take action across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. And then monitor and measure level of interaction.Turns static video into interactive video for online experiences – quickly produces video hotspots, program branching, 360º interactive videos, in-video navigation. It’s a tool or a service, depending on your needs and expertise. Many possibilities, but caught my eye because of the ability to take existing video advertisements one step further and turn them into interactive shopping experiences. Select "Read More" below to click on the weblinks in this entry.
See what it looks like in your room and then bring your “virtual plan” to reality. Design in AR and end up with real world dimensions, levelling and even exactly where to put the nails!  Basically, with PLOTT you can capture the real world and bring it into the app so visualization and design can be done.  After you’re done with how you want it to look, select the specific points to make the changes (make a cut, drill a hole, hang a nail, etc.) and then send those points to the Cubit device which then uses multidimensional lasers to bring you to the exact spots in the real world, without you having to do any calculations.  Carta is a new addition to the PLOTT family of tools and Apps which brings the same kind of visualising and planning into the outdoors around your home. Carta enables you to create a canvas where visual design yields dimensional data. By bringing together pictures, notes, maps, links etc, and putting it all in dimensional context; it enables you to see how your plan will look, as well as how it will fit. Once you’re done with design, Carta will help you bring that design to reality.  Well done again PLOTT for innovation. I’ve got a…
MIXXTAPE - Looks like a cassette, except…  Plays and displays stand alone with smartphone or stick it in your cassette loading blaster. The new MIXXTAPE is an awesomely nostalgic HiFi digital music player with the form factor of an old-school cassette tape packed with technology of today. Use the USB-C cable to load audio files from your music library (iTunes, FLAC, MP3, M4A, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV, AAC-LC, & ACELP). Navigate thru your music using the OLED display and touch control panel. Listen using the headphone jack, Bluetooth, or even in a tape deck. Yes way! The rechargeable battery provides over 5 hours of continuous playback. Caught my eye because of what it was, inpressed me because of what it is!


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