WireWax – Toolset to make Video Immersive, Interactive and Shoppable

Spotted this on the UK Pavilion. WIREWAX’s  interactive video technology has tools to help you design, build and deliver interactive video and take it to a new level of engagement by including clickable hotspots that perform an action when your audience clicks on them. Take them to the "buy" page or gather up their "wishlist".  Storytelling tools allow you to immerse viewers and inspire them to take action across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. And then monitor and measure level of interaction.
Turns static video into interactive video for online experiences – quickly produces video hotspots, program branching, 360º interactive videos, in-video navigation. It’s a tool or a service, depending on your needs and expertise. Many possibilities, but caught my eye because of the ability to take existing video advertisements one step further and turn them into interactive shopping experiences.

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