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This non-invasive technology has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and help with sleep, performance, and focus. I didn’t try it, but if it works, this could give a new business and lifestyle to some.  Their words: If you want to be less stressed after giving a presentation than before you started? Or sleep in minutes without anxious thoughts keeping you awake? What about staying calm and focused at school and home - all without changing your daily routines or adding to your schedule. TouchPoints are neuroscience based stress-tech that can actually lower stress by 70% in less than a minute while you go about your day. Developed by a doctor, TouchPoints are the latest in wearable tech that don’t just give information or remind you to breathe. Looking for feedback from any users out there for this.
At CES I met up with Andrei Kashuba, the implant ideologist and CTO of NewYork based startup GotYu Tech. She presented to me what they claimed to be the world's first health monitoring implant for pets. It’s a microchip measuring just 5.8mm x 19mm that is implanted by a veterinarian under the skin and will monitor body temperature, the pulse and ECG. The team has also apparently developed a break-through solution for remote charging of the implant from a smartphone. Harvesting the inductive power source that a Near-field communication (NFC) source generates from a phone, the device can be charged sufficiently in a few minutes. This in itself may be the most unique thing about the implant and solves the power problem in a simple and readily available way. Previously there were pet health monitoring placing sensors in smart collars, however, animals have dense hair, which distorts and sometimes makes it impossible to read health indicators. With this implanted micro-gadget, we can achieve stable health monitoring and GotYu claims help prevent the development of up to 65% of diseases encountered in dogs!  The sensor transmits scanned information to a smartphone App, where it is analyzed and pet parents are given basic recommendations or alerts in case a Health risk is detected.  Veterinarians would also have access to the log, or the accumulated history of the health indicators. Future plans are to add glucose sensors and provide veterinarians with a…
KEPLER VISION TECHNOLOGIES, a spin-off company from the University of Amsterdam, develops body language recognition software that “looks” into videos using computer vision and machine learning technology. This software understands and interprets the body language of people. For example, one application is to recognize the body language and human activities in elderly care centers. Obviously many applications for this type of video intelligence (good and bad...) and it will be interested to see this capability popping up in many sectors. Select "Read More" below to click on the weblinks in this entry.


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