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As usual, Apple was both absent from the CES Exhibition floor, but at the same time had one of the largest footprints of any via third party companies making iPhone accessories, applications and content. But Apple did appear this year on the side of a building in Las Vegas with a 13 story advert take off of the Las Vegas slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. A very timely message as we move into the era of Internet of Me, contextual technologies, personal wellness/healthcare, wearable sensors gathering data and the Artificial Intelligence that learns enough to have impact on anindividual's wellness and quality of life. Problem is, there are entities out there that want this information to be able to advertise and sell products. It's their revenue model! An individual's contextual information and data must be kept close to that person and not be gatherable. To progress in some of these areas will require a trusted brand and a mechanism for keeping info private. Looks like Apple is marking out this space... 
The FlexPai Foldable Smartphone is interesting, but it’s the flexible screen technology from Royole that really Caught My Eye! Screens as “Thin as a Butterfly’s Wing” they claim. Their overview of Flexible Display Technology:   “Flexible displays offer many advantages over conventional display technology. They are ultra-thin, light weight, bendable, portable, shatter-proof, unbreakable and low energy”.  Flexibledisplays such as these could profoundly affect the next generation of personal, even wearable products. Potentially enabling technology for brand new form factors and applications. I will be watching this space.  Select "Read More" below to click on the weblinks in this entry.
Many, many examples at CES this year of life enhancing automation, but these three caught my eye. Hops and Wheat to Beer and Bread plus some welcome relief coming for menial household tasks!PicoBrew - Fresh Pico-brewed beer has all the nuanced flavors and aromas of the beers produced by the pro brewmaster. Pico Model C brings the taproom to your home by letting you brew celebrated, award-winning beers with recipies and ingredients from over 170 brewery partners around the world. You can also craft your own custom creations.  Wilkinson Baking Company’s Breadbot- The BreadBot, the first of its kind, is pioneering a fully automated way to bake bread. It mixes, forms, proofs, bakes and cools bread all on its own. Aimed at supermarkets, convenience stores, schools, and the military, and can crank out 10 freshly baked loaves per hour as it handles all the steps from flour to finished loaf without any human intervention.  Foldimate– Robotic laundry folder folds your clothes and puts into neat piles ready to put away. Automatically adapts to the clothing item type and size. Now, folding a full load of laundry, of around 25 items, takes less than 5 minutes!  Users simply feed each item into the FoldiMate machine and FoldiMate neatly folds towels, shirts, tops,…
The Syndiant 4K UHD 0.55” LCOS Light Modulation Panel caught my eye! In more ways than one. The SYL2341 manages to provide excellent image quality with vivid colors while meeting the cost and power requirements of portable applicationsThis Ultra small yet High Definition technology enables a bright and rich large screen experience in both near-eye and high brightness projection projects. The eyewear and projector demos on their booth at CES were very impressive indeed! Using small display panels plus optics to create video eyewear has been around for a while. But given their display architecture which integrates all-digital smart electronics onto the display panel, and the brightness and resolution they have achieved, it is worth watching this space for all sorts of potential portable immersive experiences. I will be on the lookout!  Select "Read More" below to click on the weblinks in this entry.
The Cinema Snowglobe – a nostalgic (but static) artform has been upgraded. Pick it up and shake the Cinema Snowglobe to be immersed in and explore miniature worlds, fireworks displays, 360º panoramas, talking heads, scenes from yesteryear...viewed through a tiny crystal ball. What would you put in your crystal ball? All downloadable from your smartphone. Put some meaningful interactive content on your coffee table. Who could resist picking it up and giving it a shake? Select "Read More" below to click on the weblinks in this entry.
One of the best places to see leading edge technologies (gadgets ;-) is at the Last Gadget Standing Event. I had the pleasure of being one of the ten judges who after much examination, collaboration and debate managed to select 10 finalists (from 70 entries) who get introduced by us judges and present on stage with heckling from the MC, Jennifer Jolly  (Click HERE to see what else Jenn gets up to at CES2019) Then the audience in the hall votes with their applause (and screams, yells and foot stomping) to pick their choice of the Final winner. This year it was Shure with their MV88+ Video Kit (smartphone powered)   Next time you are at CES, make sure you take in this event! It's a blast.   Select "Read More" below to click on the weblinks in this entry.
The Soundbrenner Core, the 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool, brings you all your essential music tools in a premium wearable. The Soundbrenner Core features a watch and your most frequently used music tools; a Vibrating Metronome, a Magnetic Twist Tuner, and a Sound Meter making it the most versatile music tool out there.
Whether you are a fisherman, Surfer or doing just about anything else in or on the water, PowerDolphin by PowerVision is the latest in Intelligent and connected water Drones. Also good for sea exploration and rescue. Uses are too numerous to mention, but this water drone has the following technology and features on board for lots of uses on or in the water.  220° Dual Rotating 4K Camera, 1080p Video Streaming 800m Range, 2 Hours Cruising Time, 4.5m/s Max. Speed  AI based Multiple Tasking, Waypoint Mapping & Return Home Attach and release rescue buoy or trolling fishing line GPS & Sonar Small and powerful <24” long My friend and fishing legend in the UK, Spencer Ramsey (better known as "KatchBullet") is being lined up for a trial, so I may be able to run a review on this in the near future. Select "Read More" below to click on the weblinks in this entry.
This one is serious in two ways – fun, fun, fun plus learning how to code without getting caught!  The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit teaches the fundamentals of coding and introduces the basic concepts of real-world programming, guided by simple steps.Then use Kano app to run your code to start unlocking challenges across six iconic Wizarding World settings including Hogwarts and DiagonAlley.    It’s a Harry Potter STEM product! The build-it-yourself wireless wand shows magicians of all ages how to code and create, as they flick and swish through 70+ challenges inspired by the Wizarding World. Following the step-by-step coding manual, you build a wand and learn about sensors, data and code along the way. It combines a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to detect its own location and speed in tridimensional space, making it capable of tracking hand movements. Must be seen to be believed!


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