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Many, many examples at CES this year of life enhancing automation, but these three caught my eye. Hops and Wheat to Beer and Bread plus some welcome relief coming for menial household tasks!

PicoBrew - Fresh Pico-brewed beer has all the nuanced flavors and aromas of the beers produced by the pro brewmaster. Pico Model C brings the taproom to your home by letting you brew celebrated, award-winning beers with recipies and ingredients from over 170 brewery partners around the world. You can also craft your own custom creations. 

Wilkinson Baking Company’s Breadbot- The BreadBot, the first of its kind, is pioneering a fully automated way to bake bread. It mixes, forms, proofs, bakes and cools bread all on its own. Aimed at supermarkets, convenience stores, schools, and the military, and can crank out 10 freshly baked loaves per hour as it handles all the steps from flour to finished loaf without any human intervention. 

Foldimate– Robotic laundry folder folds your clothes and puts into neat piles ready to put away. Automatically adapts to the clothing item type and size. Now, folding a full load of laundry, of around 25 items, takes less than 5 minutes!  Users simply feed each item into the FoldiMate machine and FoldiMate neatly folds towels, shirts, tops, blouses, pants, etc. Couldn't this eventually become part of the clothes dryer? Put washed clothes in, take folded clothes out!

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