Last Gadget Standing - 70 Entries, Judges picked 9 Finalists and the Audience Picked One Winner

One of the best places to see leading edge technologies (gadgets ;-) is at the Last Gadget Standing Event. I had the pleasure of being one of the ten judges who after much examination, collaboration and debate managed to select 10 finalists (from 70 entries) who get introduced by us judges and present on stage with heckling from the MC, Jennifer Jolly 

(Click HERE to see what else Jenn gets up to at CES2019)

Then the audience in the hall votes with their applause (and screams, yells and foot stomping) to pick their choice of the Final winner. This year it was Shure with their MV88+ Video Kit (smartphone powered)  

Next time you are at CES, make sure you take in this event! It's a blast.


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