INSTA360º Cinematic Editing - Shoot First, Point Later

360º Cinematic Editing  Shoot first, point and create the perfect scene later! Because you can…

Insta360 action camera with built-in HDR video capture. HDR mode shoots video that looks natural and vibrant and makes all the scenes in the 360º capture for the post-production work to be done. No need to reshoot a scene, you caught it all!   The HDR video mode shoots 5.7K at 25 FPS. But that is not the full story as a consumer sized and priced 360º camera has a bit of a yawn factor associated with it these days. What caught my eye were the accessories and editing apps associated with Insta360. The real innovation comes in being able to capture in 360º video and then “reshoot” within the 360 sphere captured to catch the action and tell the real story you want to tell by picking and editing the final cut.  And it gets better! There is a throwable Torpedo accessory that the camera can be mounted in and thrown to get genuinely impossible shots! Or when equipped with the “invisible” selfie stick one can swing the camera around while shooting and edit later to keep the camera on the subject in the middle of the scene. Underwater housing and drone mount accessories take the capture possibilities to new heights and depths. A few more features, slow motion mode and silky smooth stabilization makes it all viewer friendly and amazing to watch. All capabilities begging for a creative storyteller to outline the story she wants to, then to tell it by selecting from the 360º capture.

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