Samsung Bot Handy tech showcased at CES 2021 - interesting tech, but I'm not sure consumers are ready for this yet. However, just think of his as a capability and technological building block for many tasks. Some in the Consumer space? Samsung Bot Handy is a robot that is probably as mobile in your home as a robot vacuum cleaner, adjusts to hights to do it's work, object recognition via its camera, tries to identify the object to determine how to pick up in order to do tasks (for example glass of wine versus TV remote, versus clothing, etc.). Kind of a Sci-Fi dream, but an existing bit of tech looking for valuable applications?.
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Saw one of these last year at CES, but it was a huge expensive machine and although folding clothes is a tedious household task, I couldn't picture this as a household item then.  This Foldimate unit looks a lot more viable now, but In our house we all share the task of folding clothes, so altghough this caught my eye, I'm not sure...  The size of this machine is about twice that of a clothes dryer and also twice the price. Is this a viable addition to the utility room? Also not sure... The application of robotics to menial tasks is good and one year to go from non-viable (IMHO) technology to possibly an applience some people would buy is encouraging.  I don't know what else to say about this, so I will list some of what they had to say about it:


"FoldiMate will fold any type of shirt, blouse, or pants from age 5 to adult size XXL. It will also fold standard size towels and pillowcases. Estimated Price: $980 First Shipments: Late 2019."
"Imagine, getting your laundry folding done in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee!"
"Ergonomic designed and fast folding technology allows you to feed your items continuously while it simultaneously folds them."
"Smart robotic technology automatically adjusts the folding method based on preferences, item type and sizes."
"Closet Ready and Adjustable folding technology that fits the folding to your shelf size."


Seems to me that when this becomes a feature of the clothes dryer (put wet clothes in, take folded clothes out) and all in one at 1 1/2 times the size and price of the dryer, it has a chance. Still, it did catch my eye... 

Reported by: Juan Picazo, EANA Marketing

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