flic2 - Stick a Physical Button Anywhere to do Anything you define then just Press it!

flic2Last Gadget Standing award winning finalist at CES2020.

Pushing a tactile button is the most satisfying and straightforward way to initiate an action. Flic 2 buttons are innovative finger-tip-sized wireless buttons that can be stuck into place in your house, your car, at work on your desk, etc.
Control Smart Home, apps, and online services with the ease and pleasure of pushing a button.
A set of buttons comes with a very small home Hub (Long range and which BTW has IFTTT and other apps incorporated) but your phone can also act as a hub so wherever you go you can have switches with you that do things e.g. in your car, at work, etc.
Flic 2 can talk to and initiate actions on smartphones, tablets, or computers directly, so any app or business system can add physical smart buttons to their services in offices, and even public spaces. The Hub itself can support over 60 simultaneous, individually configured buttons in a large house and it supports Apple HomeKit.
I found it very simple to assign functionality to flic 2 buttons in the app, that anyone can do it in seconds. attach a speaker to the hub and it can act as a doorbell or alert or talk to you. Each button can have different functionalities whether a simple push, double push, and 3 second hold. Assign anything from a simple light switch to complex routines to each action. This is what I call a “Business without Bounds”! It’s a platform not just for Apps, but for inclusion in existing apps and the small buttons are being incorporated in other commercially available physical items.
For example a fishing pole company is incorporating FLIC into the butt end of a pole that they sell; When you catch a fish you push the button on the rod and thanks to the smartphone in your pocket, it instantly records time, place, weather conditions and lets you add a picture of the fish. Push it twice and it will take a picture of you landing the fish (if your phone is pointing in the right direction)
A handbag company is incorporating it into their bag so one of its three switch press modes can be panic button, another telling someone where you are and the third, to initiate an Uber pickup, with current location, etc.
This is not just little switches for the lights at home, but you can put these everywhere to do all sorts of things. Didn't catch my eye at first, but did when I saw what the button press could do in my world of clicks!


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