Drones have been a big feature at CES for the past few years. With whole sections indoors and out showing the latest, large and small.  What Caught My Eye this year was the sophistication that has appeared in even the smallest of pocketable drones. I have had a few of these over the years, but they were very basic, difficult to fly and not that good photographically. Well that has started to change! Basically, when I thought it through, I realised that all the key components - radio, cameras, motors, materials, etc. have all gone in the right direction in terms of size, weight and cost and most of the heavy lifting in terms of control and computing has moved into the Smartphone. So the real key to amazing small drones with lots of valuable and well thought through, consumer oriented features has been software. Both developed for specific functionality and AI based capabilities such as image/object/face recognition, location and conditions sensing, etc. Well,  I am sure there were others, but here are three that especially stood out with a brief description and links for more info.

PowerVision Hatching New All-In-One PowerEgg X Autonomous Personal AI Camera   A New Product that Combines Drone Technology, HD Camera Technology, and Artificial
Intelligence (AI) Technology for the Ultimate Drone Experience. A bit larger and pricey, but amazing features. See feature list here

AirSelfie's AirPix - Getting a big group into a selfie or even finding the right angle while holding the camera yourself, can be tricky. they have delivered an under $100, smaller than a smartphone, light as a golf ball, 12MP stills/1080P video, with autonomous flight, in-app editing and instant social network sharing! See feature list here

Planet Technology Timax Drone Watch - A bit of a gadget, and a rather large watch, but turn it loose, make the OK gesture in front of the tiny camera drone hanging in the air and it will automatically take a picture for you!   See feature list here

Pivo360º turntable for spinning the camera on the phone or turntable accessory to get a 360º image of an object. Clever Accessory for 360º shooting of scenes and objects using either front or back cameras on Smartphones. Or use the smart rotating phone holder to follow you or a specific item around the scene as you move. Select the object or face you want to track and it will automatically move around with the subject.  Also responds to commands so you don’t have to touch the camera - Just snap your fingers or say “cheese” for Pivo to take a picture or start recording. A few of the other clever features in this camera mount and App combination - ManyMe Capture – 360º picture with many appearances of the same person or object. Tiny Planet - Take spherical images that capture the whole scene and then look like tiny globes. Fun, interesting and inexpensive way to do some clever photography.

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HumanEyes Technologies introduced their VUZE XR camera to capture two immersive content types with one camera. Push a button and presto, 360º capture becomes 3D180º.  In my 3+ years of taking 360º snapshots, I have come to realise that not all scenes have something interesting to look at everywhere. And besides, sometimes you want the scene, but without yourself in the picture. So what really caught my eye here was the ability to catch everything – up, down and around in a half sphere, but with the added immersiveness of 3D or 2D for normal phone screen viewing. An impressive spec (here) and set of features and Apps and an underwater enclosure accessory to boot. Another place where 3D180º captures the scene very well! Photos and videos can be captured and posted, published and viewed  “native” to social networks, YouTube, etc. and camera works stand alone or under control of available Android and iOS mobile apps, plus the VUZE Studio desktop software suite for more advanced editing at full resolution. Oh yes, and four microphones and 360º sound as well. Impressive little pocket sized camera!

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360º Cinematic Editing  Shoot first, point and create the perfect scene later! Because you can…

Insta360 action camera with built-in HDR video capture. HDR mode shoots video that looks natural and vibrant and makes all the scenes in the 360º capture for the post-production work to be done. No need to reshoot a scene, you caught it all!   The HDR video mode shoots 5.7K at 25 FPS. But that is not the full story as a consumer sized and priced 360º camera has a bit of a yawn factor associated with it these days. What caught my eye were the accessories and editing apps associated with Insta360. The real innovation comes in being able to capture in 360º video and then “reshoot” within the 360 sphere captured to catch the action and tell the real story you want to tell by picking and editing the final cut.  And it gets better! There is a throwable Torpedo accessory that the camera can be mounted in and thrown to get genuinely impossible shots! Or when equipped with the “invisible” selfie stick one can swing the camera around while shooting and edit later to keep the camera on the subject in the middle of the scene. Underwater housing and drone mount accessories take the capture possibilities to new heights and depths. A few more features, slow motion mode and silky smooth stabilization makes it all viewer friendly and amazing to watch. All capabilities begging for a creative storyteller to outline the story she wants to, then to tell it by selecting from the 360º capture.

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FITT360, one of the two "First Person Shooter" 360º cameras I saw at CES. Both claim to be the first and only!  Very interesting and encouraging to see this new category of 360º photography emerge at this time. This whole sector will depend on content, storytelling and distribution posibilities, but devices and apps like this really turn things on.  A very wearable design, around the neck so handsfree water/heatproof, with three cameras on board and fixing/steadying/stitching in the Smartphone App. For taking "selfless" situational selfies (without you in them).  Great idea and I am excited, but a Crowdfunded/preorder product, not yet fully baked so I will let them make the claims! (I have added a few points in brackets)   


Connected to the Cloud, the FITT360 automatically saves all of your footage with a single tap on the mobile application.
With shareable VR-Ready contents, your loved ones at home can enjoy your point of view in real time.
Smart Camera – Connected System – VR Ready
Full HD 360° Recording – Up to 90 Minutes
3 Full HD Cameras surrounding the (neck worn) FITT360 captures surroundings of each user in the True First Person View (FPV) with up to 90 minutes of recording time.
Companion mobile application “FITT360” compensates and normalize the exposures in all 3 clips and Auto-Stitch them while minimizing the shaking of the clips to be VR-Ready.
Embedded Image Stabilization on the software sides minimizes the shakings of the device to optimize your video quality.  

Technology is coming from LINKFLOW who has been producing wearable security cameras for First responders and military.   

I will be watching this space. Real ones later this year or at least  by CES2019 please!

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Contextual technology gathered up and situational relevance and intelligence added. To call this security conscious "vehicle-to (and from)-everything" platform a Dash Cam is a bit of an injustice to the scope of this connected car ecosystem. Connects directly to the car's OBD port so know's what's going on internal to the vehicle systems and puts that into the contexts of info, location plus driver and family to deliver valuable set of person centric capabilities. The feature list is long, but the Raven, with cameras looking out and in and all knowing connectivity delivers peace of mind while driving. Not just for driver and passangers, but for family as well. This caught my eye because of what the overall technology combination delivers when the IoCar intelligently intersects with access to information, the IoT and IoMe and mine. 

So many stated features. Here's what they say. (my comments in parenthesis) 
Raven gives cars the intelligence and voice needed to proactively communicate with drivers and their families, making them smarter, safer and more connected while on the road.
At home, at work or a thousand miles away, Raven’s always-on and always-connected system gives family members and car lovers unprecedented peace of mind with:
*  Live streaming camera views, both road-facing and in-cabin 
* Security alerts (car broken into?)
* Departure and arrival notifications (mapping)
* Driving reports (even capture time lapse synopsis of journey)
* Gesture controls (and voice commands coming soon)
* Next-turn navigation
* Weather condition updates
* Vehicle diagnostics
* Wi-Fi hotspot
Raven unmasks the sophistication and intelligence locked under the hood in today’s vehicles and makes it readily accessible to drivers.
Raven has been designed and engineered from the ground up by a highly accomplished team passionate about best in-class performance and user experiences.

(The connectivity to the web and to a defined group of friends and family is a real value proposition understated here)  Worth a visit to the Raven Website for more details on use cases and how it works.

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I"m hot on what I call “Time Shifted Reality”, but this device claims "Real Time" Reality in 3D360º splendour for those who can't be in the right place at the right time.  So anyone who wants to expand their audience for immersive experiences beyond a physical location can simply do it with the push of a button. Hubblo VR leads a new era of personal broadcasting with an all-in-one, hardware-driven social VR platform that live-streams 3D360º videos of programming, "happenings" and even selfies.

Simple setup makes hosting a live stream easy as can be, all you need is a WiFi high-speed Internet access.  

More than just a camera, Hubblo offers a whole personal broadcasting service. 

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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 16:17

Throwing a party? Panono Captures it All!

Panono is a throwable panoramic ball camera which captures everything in every direction for amazing 108 megapixel, 360° X 360° full-spherical panoramic images. It has an unprecedented 36 cameras that trigger simultaneously in the air to deliver images that capture every detail in every direction with a super-high resolution of 108 megapixels. 11cm in diameter and weighs 480 grams and connects over WiFi with iOS and Andriod Apps.The Panono Camera is available for preorder. 

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Friday, 29 January 2016 17:26

360º photography - Giroptic 360CAM

Another innovation that is paving the way to to 360º virtual reality is GIROPTIC’s 360cam. It produces content that can be played back on any screen and device without any processing. It instantly captures your greatest moments from all angles using three cameras (185º lenses) it records full spherical photos and videos as a .jpg still or .mp4 file video. 

The rugged rubberised unit can be mounted on a selfie mono/tripod or with an accessory, screwed into a light socket to be powered and capture all that is happening 24/7.

Carry it to take with you anywhere.

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Just a few very cleverly designed bits of plastic, but turns an iPhone into a full function camera rig. You don't even need a camera bag for this one, just a pocket or two.

olloclip Studio is the combination of an all-new, more protective case design that incorporates an integrated rail mounting solution and a series of mobile photography accessories. Great for the explorer/adventurer in you that wants to capture the scene and sounds wherever you go but also potentially, all one needs to become a full fledged blogger or news reporter. Great for interviews with a mike and wide angle lens on board your iphone. Case and accessories work together the moment you pick them up so you can focus on capturing the opportunity in front of you and not on building a rig. 

olloclip Studio is comprised of the new protective Studio Case to withstand most accidental drops. It also includes an innovative mounting system for standard accessories - mono/tripods, lighting/flash, microphones, plus a portfolio of olloclip macro, wide angle, fisheye and telephoto lenses. 


Nice one olloclip. You Caught My Eye again this year!

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