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Last Gadget Standing award winning finalist, Octobo is a multimedia platform integrated into a plush toy - an Octopus - with sensors all over it, combined with games, content, apps and story books plus interactive pieces to show and give to Octobo. Sliding a touch screen tablet with apps running on it into a slot in the top functions as the eye, ears, mouth and brain of Octobo. Octobo is soft, cuddly and made to be hugged and played with. Unique soft sensors allow Octobo to come to life and react and guide immersive play.  It is a socio-emotional literacy tool with features that make it accessible for children of varying ages.  Changing the definition of screen time, Thinker-Tinker combine the physical and digital world by incorporating a touch screen tablet into their plush toy making it interactive, responsive and fun to be with. Octobo is a friend, rather than just a screen. I see Octobo as a new category of digital toys. In producing this unique product, Thinker-Tinker’s skills now have potential to produce a portfolio of creative, dynamic smart products.  I found it to be a very exciting product initially for the kids’ segment - infectious game playing…
WOWCube is an awesome Rubik’s cube inspired gadget with interactive screens on all the cubes. Althought packed with a portfolio of games and applications, it is an open software platform, so sky's the limit on use cases and creative and fun things come next.Use cases are limitless like smart gaming, education, smart home, IoT, visual interface for voice assistants, etc. At least that's their forecast. Potentially it’s a Smart and Educational toy which can produce experiences you can play in a way you never played before, acting in both physical and virtual realities by twisting, shaking and tilting. 3D tactile play! 


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