ROOT - Robot Fun for Kids (don't tell them they are learning coding ;-)

In the process of judging the entries for the Last Gadget Standing event at CES 2018 we found some real gems. The Root Coding Robot was one of them.  Root is an easy-to-use coding robot that has a custom smartphone app and 50+ sensors on board to turn fun into skills for kids. Turning young people's creativity and imagination into real world actions for the Root Robot to follow, also turns actions into coding that can be saved for later use or added to. This innovation produces an opportunity to learn new logic, problem-solving and coding skills using creativity energy. Coders of any age or skill level can use Root as their creative tool in defying gravity and climbing walls (magnetic white board), or moving about on smooth surfaces to draw artwork, play music, respond to touch and color, or use many of its other unique qualities. Starting out simple, the accompanying app features three levels of coding interfaces designed to grow with the user as their skills and knowledge improve. This includes simple sequences, patterns and loops, working up to advanced programming languages like Python, JavaScript and Swift. The world needs more code saavy warriors! This is one Root to that goal.

Reported by: Juan Picazo, EANA Marketing


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