Innovega's "emacula" - Wide FoV AR - Full Immersion without Seclusion

Wide Field of View is all important fo AR Smartglasses to be valuable to consumers. Nice to see this approach progressing both in technical and user testing areas.
The world needs a human friendly digital interface without any trade offs.
Today’s digital life is mostly uncomfortable, unhealthy and reclusive, alienating people from what truly matters: the real world.
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the next digital frontier, but strapping a clunky box to your head isn’t
 a pleasant way to access the future. AR and VR should be wearable and not just bearable. So it appears that a truly uncompromising wide F0V eyewear solution may be becoming possible: Innovega's emacula
Potentially affordable, lightweight and discreet vision enhancement system that lets you enjoy a full field of view while you engage with all your favorite digital content. 
emacula retina technologies have potential to merge your virtual and real world seamlessly. This approach could finally enable normal looking smart glasses in the consumer sector.


Short video describing Innovega’s Innovative approach to achieving wide Field of View AR

This is one to watch!




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