Great North Digital Ltd's Aircards - Web-based Augmented Reality from Physical Collateral

One of the gems that caught my eye of the companies at the UK Pavilion at CES2020

AircardsAR are web-based Augmented Reality campaigns which work on any smartphone producing consumer engagement in physical environs. Effectively a new digital channel and engagement where one previously didn’t exist.  Clever visual animations, 2D/3D video and special effects are deployed within the AR experience, driving consumer interaction. Not just AR content, but they manage all development, technical coordination, and cloud-based infrastructure deployment. AirCardsAR clients receive access to an in-depth analytics dashboard to track performance, including metrics such as views, click- throughs, bounce rate and dwell time. These are web-based Augmented Reality campaigns which work on any smartphone, meaning no app download is required. Simply scan, tap and be blown away.

As I have put forth many times before, AR is about content and applications that Augment Reality in a consumer valuable and friendly way. Aircards has produced an easy to use and valuable experience.


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